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The forex trading software is used to execute buy and sell orders for different currencies. It is of utmost importance for a trader to become very familiar with the execution software that will be used to place trades. Ignoring this crucial point might cause the trader to be a lot slower when buying and selling a currency and more prone to making costly mistakes. Even though a new forex trader can become familiar with the trading software by practicing on the forex demo, this section of the forex training was included for added assurance. The forex trading software section of the training can include a thorough discussion and use of each component of the platform.

Forex trading software can make a real difference to your success. Having tried five different Forex trading software packages we have settled on DealBook® FX 2. DealBook® FX 2 is a powerful online currency trading tool that provides you with instant access to the Forex market. It is only available only from Global Forex Trading, and gives you the tools you need to trade more effectively in any market condition. There a host of features found only in DealBook® FX 2. Some are helpful others will make you a good profit. It sets the bar for Forex Trading platforms.

We have found Global Forex Trading feed to be 100% reliable, there software technical backup is excellent and fast. They sorted out the two problems I had within 15 and 35 minutes. (Both were problems with my computer rather than their system). They offer much more in terms of tools and information.